While some couples have an immediate idea about how they'd like their wedding portrait executed, for many, commissioning an oil portrait is a new experience.

Every painting begins with its completion: what do you want to show? It's important to thinking about mood, lighting, setting, clothing, and all of the emotion you want to convey.

 I can paint you in your wedding attire, looking happy..but you might prefer to be painted in an intimate, romantic composition, candid, as if there were no one else in the universe except the two of you. And in between, infinite possibilities.

You might want to be painted in cozy interior, or in a garden setting. You get to choose which side of your personality to show, whether formal or casual.


While there are lots of logical elements you may want to incorporate into the portrait ...the ring...the bouquet...there are others that might come to mind. For example, a piece of antique lace from your grandmother's dress, as show at left.


Or your aunt's heirloom necklace...something you will "borrow"...


...or the simple memory of the sunset at the moment he first said, "I love you."
It's all up you, because it truly is all about you:)



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