With the holidays just around the corner, the single women around the world are preparing for their significant other to drop down on one knee and finally propose. If you are that single woman, the odds are in your favor since 60% of engagements take place between the months of November and February. The Knot recently released an article of “50 Romantic Ways to Propose.” Taking a cue from The Knot, I have narrowed down that list to my top five. 

Top Five Romantic Wedding Proposals

  1. Take out an Ad – Make sure it is in the Newspaper your girlfriend reads daily!
  2. Skywriter – Hire a skywriter and broadcast your proposal for everyone to see!
  3. Aquarium – Hire divers at an aquarium to act out a proposal in a tank. Give them a sign that says, “Will you Marry Me?” to hold up against the glass.
  4. Sleeping Beauty – Slip the ring on her finger while she is sleeping and wake her up with a proposal; make sure you are down on one knee!
  5. Refrigerator Magnets – Spell it out- on the ‘fridge!
(Source: The Knot)


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